Exhibition for the Temps de Flors 2009

Kind of project ephemeral architecture, sound and light installation

In collaboration with Nuri Busquets and Olga Carrillo

The installation was built for the ‘Temps de Flors 2009’ flower exhibition, commissioned by the city council of Girona.


Walking around the flowery fields in spring.
Feeling the wind blowing off the green carpet of the meadows.
Passing your hand over, following the wind’s rythm.
Suddendly you find a blossom’s dandelions.
You take one, you blow it and send a wish.

The exhibition in Cundaro’s Street “Dandelion”, evoke those sensations in this singular location.
The walls are transformed into vertical fields. The sensation of the touch passing over the grass, moved by the wind will be transmitted to your entire body if you get close to it, and along the walk you will find the surprise, the flowery group of dandelions that have become flowers of light.

Send your wish.