When I was a child I liked construction blocks toys, that may be the reason why I’m passionate on creating things, and eager to learn new ways of doing it. I’ve got strong drawing skills. I’m creative and inventive, that takes me to start new projects, no matter how complex they are, and as I’m also a self-taught person, I manage to use any procedure need to achieve successful results.

I like to teach, and train others, I consider this a mutual enrichment practice. As a tutor I try to motivate my students in order to get the very best of them. I enjoy the conceptual and the presentation part of the projects I’m involved in, taking advantage of my Visual Arts, Photography and Video background. Everything is possible, you just have to write the right story. 


Born in 1977 he grew up in Saragossa. In 2003 he graduates in Visuals Arts at the University of Barcelona. First works on Video, following with artistic experiences in Visual and Performing Arts. Based on this experience he becomes Master Teacher for Laboratori Mèdia, a multimedia workshop serving for the Barcelona Fine Arts Faculty. There he starts to collaborate with Facsimil3d a research project on digital fabrication, arts and heritage, and founds its own plurydisciplinary studio, JuNu!.

In 2009 is granted by La Caixa‘s fellowship program to take the Master in Landscape Architecture at the ETSAB, and starts its professional career as Landscape Architect, collaborating with Martí Franch (EMF) and Miralles-Tagliabue (EMBT) Studios.

In 2012 wins the ‘Portes de Collserola’ competition comissioned by the Barcelona city council, and founds BCS-Landscape Architects studio, and the association of landscape Architects ESPAIsatge.

At the same time he studies Architecture at the ETSAB and starts to collaborte with the urban development agency Barcelona Regional (BR), and the Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB).

In 2015 becomes associate professor at the Visual Arts and Design Department of the University of Barcelona. Since 2019 he is also professor at UNIBA in the Design Bachelor Degree.

Actually he combines academic and professional activity as freelance through its studios or collaborating with other architects and studios, working across Landscape, Ephemeral Architecture, Visual Arts, or Museographics.

Awarded by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) in 2009 and 2014 on Landscape and Ephemeral Architecture.